Crivestivus (for the rest of us) Early Bird Special Ends Today

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Today is the last day to get Crivestivus (Festivus) tickets at a discount. They go full price tomorrow. Remember, it is unlimited free beer all weekend (June 22-24). You have been warned and my duty has been done.

HIATUS plays on Saturday June 23 around noon.


Cinco de Mayo Rock-n-Roll House Concert

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100% FREE BEER @ Crivestivus Summer Music Fest

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Hi Friends.

As far as I know, Crivestivus (June 22-24) is the only Wisconsin summer music and camping festival with 100% completely FREE and UNLIMITED BEER all weekend long.

As free beer is in keeping with HIATUS's totally free beer policy, we'll be playing Crivestivus on Saturday June 23, around noon.

You'll be there! Unless of course you hate free beer, rock-n-roll, and outdoor summer fun (hater!).

Visit http://crivestivus.com for the band lineup and deets. It's up north of Green Bay a piece.

We'll see you at the HOUSE PARTY on Saturday May 5th, and you can get all your questions answered then. But buy your tickets for Crivestivus ONLINE. We don't have them.

Love Hiatus.


The House Party Hiatus is Over!

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Hi Friends!

Our first house party of 2012 is on Saturday May 5th from 6 to 10 PM at HIATUS PARTY HQ in Cross Plains, WI.

RSVP for deets by leaving a comment on this post below.

We can't wait to rock you and give you all the FREE BEER you want.