July House Party Options?

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Hi Friends.

HIATVS would like to play YOUR house party in July.

We rock and we play pro bono. That means FREE in Greek. Actually, it means "for the good" in Greek. But your party is a good cause and we want to play it. So hook us up.

We are low volume but high energy, so the neighbors won't complain. We use electric drums for volume control. But we still rage and flaunt awesome headgear.

So drop us a line if you need some high quality live music at your party.



June 8th, I Think...

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Hello Khakazzis!

The world's funnest cover band HIATVS (that's us!) is playing a house party in Mt. Horeb on Saturday June 8th.

It'd be cool if you were there. Hit us up for the deets. It's going to be outside, free, and fun.