It's literally true.

CRIVESTIVUS CRIVESTIVAL begins sometime tomorrow, whenever the hippies can pause their tube pulling and get it going.

I (Manwich) will be cruising up to Crivitz, WI via Osh Kosh, WI about 9 AM tomorrow.

Aqua and Hammer will arrive some time on Saturday morning, amply early to prepare for our planet-saving rock-n-roll set that commences about noon.

CRIVESTIVUS provides non-stop bands and unlimited free beer all weekend. Granted, the free beer avoids the legalities of liquor sales. But it also attracts hundreds of beer and music loving people who are super fun to party with.

Presumably, if you are reading this, you are going, or at least have a really good reason for not going.

Actually, it was touch and go there for HIATUS briefly. At the last minute, Hammer found out that THE MAN might want to send him off to Georgia for a critical work emergency (there is actually no such thing...it is a myth). THE MAN could have single-handedly destroyed the earth by preventing our earth-saving funkelicious music.

I am glad that didn't happen.

Anyway, our magnum opus at CRIVESTIVUS will be our sweet cover of NO QUARTER by Led Zeppelin.

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