We Made it! There Will Be RAWK on 11/17!


Thanks to your love and support, we made our goal for the HIATVS ROCK-N-ROLL HOUSE CONCERT on Saturday 11/17/12.

This is an emotional and heartfelt THANK YOU!

We always knew you would come through for us when the chips are down. Just as we always come through for you with our theatrical house concert rock-n-roll that kicks you in the face.

It's going to be an awesome time on 11/17/12.

Good beer, tasty food, comfy seats, clean bathrooms, and a bunch of really cool people you will love partying with to our quality rock-n-roll in an intimate house concert setting.

If by some chance you missed the RSVP window to donate to the house concert by Rocktober 31 (a very apropos date), you can still come to the house concert.

Just RSVP via E-Mail and when you come to the party, bring one of the following:

1. Beer to share
2. Food to share
3. $5 for the fund (there will already be lots of food and beer)

But do RSVP and tell us what you are bringing, so we know you are coming and can plan around it.

We love you.


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