Rock Fuel

Dudes who work at pizza places swagger around acting aloof and cool, but they still are dudes who work at a pizza place. There is no amount of chubby, comic book afficianado smugness that can trump that sad fact. Don't get me wrong. I worked at a pizza place in high school. I did not aspire to it. I did not take pride in it. Indeed, it sucked. And so I more or less embraced the suck, did my time, and got out.

That said, I do like the fact that the employees at Roman Candle Pizzeria in Middleton WI seem to enjoy their jobs. That is mainly because I am here waiting for them to whip me up a couple of 'zas and I would be a lot more worried about spittle or fingernails in the pizza sauce if these were malaise-ridden, angsty, service drones who hated THE MAN.

The Roman Candle is a good place. They have a ton of vegan and veggie options for the pizza. It's not cheap, but I give them high marks for accommodating granola types and style.

I decided to be generous and spring for 2 pizzas for HIATUS band practice tonight. Lord knows I have consumed a decent amount of the band's hard earned beer fund, so it is about time I contributed. Not that my rocking awesomeness is not payment enough, but I am just that kind of guy.

So here I sit at Roman Candle waiting for them to complete the "rock fuel" that will power the band practice of the greatest and best Wisconsin cover band to date.

These hipster pizza dudes have no idea what their toils are going towards. If they did, they would bow down before me and offer me the 2 pizza pies for free, with much humble praise and prostration. But I am not looking for accolades. I just want a belly full of pizza to tide me over during the martial arts exercises that compose a HIATUS band practice.

On Thursday September 20, HIATUS puts all our skills to the test when we rock the arses off the people at Capital Brewery in Middleton. 5 to 9 PM.

Be there.


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