Hey. Thanks to all you rockers who came out to our show at Capital Brewery last night (9/20/12). We love you.

Every time HIATUS plays, people who know me always tell me, "I have never seen you smile so much..."

There is a reason for this.

I do love to rock, of course. But the main reason I am smiling is because I am so amazed by how we are managing to hold the rock show and stage performance together as well as we do. The audience doesn't know this, but when we play we are always right on the very edge of total derailment, crashing and burning, at all times.

Yet we don't. We take it right up to the limit, but not beyond, and that is why I am smiling. Because there is no train wreck, and I can't believe it. But I am enjoying the maximal rocking we are firehosing in your face too.

We are tentatively toying with the idea of our next show being a house concert on Saturday November 17th, 6 to 10 PM at a location TBD. So tentatively mark it in your calendar and stay tuned.


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