To Rock or Not to Rock? (That is the Question Only You Can Answer)

It's Rocktober 15, exactly half way through our fundraiser for the rock-n-roll house concert we want to throw on 11/17/12.

But as of now, we are only about 25% of the way to our fundraising goal. We need to catch up!

Won't you take a few minutes to pledge as little as $1 to help us further our rock-n-roll vision to provide theatrical and entertaining high energy rock-n-roll in the comfort of someone's living room?

Everyone is invited to the house concert on 11/17/12. Don't be shy. It will be hosted by former GUPPY EFFECT guitarist Stefan Chandler, at his house. He is even going to perform a set of his awesome solo acoustic songs for you, and he wants you to be there.

If for some reason you can't come, but you still believe in us and our rock, PLEASE MAKE A DONATION to the tip jar so we can throw this pre-holiday house concert.

We do it this way because we want our house concerts to be driven by YOU. A ton of work goes into putting on a house concert, behind the scenes stuff that no one sees. The band doesn't make any money at these, it all goes to the host and underwriting the party.

We just love to rock-n-roll.

Do you?



Do it for yourself or do it for the children (it's an early family-friendly event).

Or do it for the DAWGS!

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