Cover bands are popular and that’s why there are a ton of them out there.
But most of them are pretty much adhering to the same tired schtick, playing a bunch of generic bland cover songs in crappy bars to apathetic crowds, in order to sell more beer for the music venue.
That gets old. And more importantly, the world does not need another generic cover band. Very few, if any, cover bands are trying to do something different and cutting edge. When you have seen one, you have seen them all.
Then there is HIATVS.
Shunning crappy dive bars and apathetic people, HIATVS is a more exclusive and innovative cover band, performing cutting edge, high energy, theatrical rock-n-roll house concerts that attract a more selective and fun loving type of person.
The house concerts take place in someone’s house, a much more inviting environment than a crappy bar full of idiots, because the person is willfully inviting awesome rock-n-roll and fun people into their home. The people at the house concert are there by choice, because they want to hear a great rock-n-roll performance hanging out with fun, like minded people, and consuming free food and beer. It's win-win.
The price of admission is just a side dish or some beverages to share at the house concert (or a $5 suggested donation, in advance, if it’s too much truck to bring something to share).
The beauty of rock-n-roll house concerts is that they are about the people and the music, not selling beer for the music venue. HIATVS does not get any money for performing house concerts, but what they get is VALUE - the camaraderie and loyalty of friends and fans who appreciate being able to hear great live music in a warm and inviting social environment, where everyone is there to enjoy the music and each other, the chairs are comfortable, and the bathrooms are clean.
Won’t you consider coming to a HIATVS ROCK-N-ROLL HOUSE CONCERT?
We love you.