House Parties and Free Beer

HIATUS has sort of tentatively landed on a mission and vision of being a HOUSE PARTY band.

What is better than a captive audience of fun people who are there to drink free beer and party.

However, this model depends on 3 things.

1. Rock.
2. Beer.
3. You.

We will gladly rock all night for you, for FREE. We want you to have a good time, dance, carry on.

However, beer is not free (outside of our dreams), and that is the quandary.

Of course, we aren't going to charge people $ to come to the party. Instead, we will probably just pass the hat and ask for a nominal donation of $5 or whatever you can spare toward beer fund.

$5 all you can drink, and a live band that rocks. Is it worth it?

You tell us. Comment below.



We rise again!