On August 4th an Amazing Thing Will Happen

Hiatus does not have any shows in July.

But almost as soon as August gets here, we will be performing perhaps the best rock-n-roll show you will ever see, hands down.

That is, of course, unless you do not come. In which case you will miss it.

Some people will miss it. That is just a fact. The Capital Brewery in Madison is a fairly large place, but it can only hold a finite number of people in the beer garden. Some people will have other obligations on their calendars, and unaware of how amazingly awesome this show is going to be, they won't change those plans in order to come and hear the greatest and best rock-n-roll show by any cover band ever.

Some of you may actually be doubting how awesome this show will be and think I am just wagging my tongue (fingers) and exaggerating. I think I pity this latter group the most.

We are not hiding the fact about this show and how amazing it will be. You can just look at the set list and tell that even on the basis of just the songs, people will be crapping themselves with glee. But when you see how these songs are presented by the uber entertaining Hiatus power trio, you will not just crap yourself with glee, you will literally have glee-filled projectile diarrhea.

We want everyone to experience it and be fulfilled.

But we can only lead a horse to water (beer)...

Oh, we play about 5 PM at Capital on Saturday 8/4. It's free.