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Note: Everyone is invited to any and all Hiatus House Parties. All we ask is that you bring your friends, a fun attitude, and some dancing shoes.

Our concept is really simple.

We want to throw a rock-n-roll party just for you.

Hiatus specializes in performing HOUSE PARTIES on special occasions.

We love a fun, captive audience that is there to have a good time, dance to great music, and PARTY with friends in a clean and comfortable environment.

And THE BEER IS ALWAYS FREE!* That's just how we (rock and) roll.

So be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the Fan Club. It is the only way to stay informed about when and where we are playing.

We use futuristic technology to create a 3x more rocking experience than any other band. And you're eardrums won't bleed either - the volume is customized to the space we are playing. The neighbors won't even know what a crazy fun time you are having, unless they come to the party. So they should!