Beer vs Rock

There are rock bands so good that you'd go see them even if it were at a venue that did not serve alcohol.

HIATVS is not one of those bands and we humbly and fully embrace that reality. In fact, we exploit the synergism between our musical performances and the beer consumption that seems to amplify its quality sometimes as much as five fold.


Gabe R.

HIATVS wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to one of our most favorite songs. We love covering it at shows.

Here it is.


A Hiatus Update


HIATVS time bandit AquaMunkee materialized in Madison WI on New Year's Day Sunday with an astounding array of new song ideas gathered during his recent travels into the near future. He and Manwich spent the afternoon cataloguing a few of the ones obtained in early March 2017, soon after the conclusion of February Album Writing Month.

"The songs were going to be written anyway," Aqua said. "We are just going to be too busy during the actual FAWM to commit the necessary time. I gathered the fragmented bits and pieces of the song ideas generated during our first pass of the foreshortened FAWM period and time warped them back to early January, when we have more time to flesh them out."

The harnessing of time travel through the time/space rending potency of HIATVS's rock-n-roll has proven valuable for the band's progress.

"We jump around through time a lot," said Manwich. "It's the major limitatation on our ability to actually promote our rare performances. Based on the fluctuations in the wormhole networks, our next show is a house concert we'll host in late May of 2015. I hope you were there."

Manwich then time warped forward to Saturday January 7th and played bass with YOUR MOM as they hosted a birthday party for infamous local celebrity Cactus Joe.

"It was an awesome shindig," Manwich said, upon returning to the present. "Due to the time looping thing, I am able to promote the party over and over a couple days in advance, which probably explains how packed the place was...or will be, I guess, since it hasn't happened yet for anyone but me. But, yeah, it's a phenomenal good time."

The party is at 9 PM on 1/7/17 @ the Come Back Inn in Madison WI.

"You'll be there," Manwich confirmed. "I saw you."