Substitute Rock-n-Roll


Yes, HIATVS is still on hiatus, and while there really is no substitute, our sister band, GUPPY EFFECT, has a suitably rocking show coming up.

GUPPY EFFECT will be downstairs at the Rigby (Madison, WI) on Saturday September 13, 2014 as part of BUBBLE MUSIC FEST, a city-wide event in Madison with multiple venues and bands (September 11-13).

The discounted all access weekend passes for Bubble Music Fest are only $20 if purchased via the BUBBLE MUSIC FEST KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN. That is a huge savings. But only 2 days left to buy them because the campaign ends Sunday.


All venues. All bands. $20. What else are you gonna do that weekend? Nothing else is what. So come rock out with GUPPY EFFECT.

If you will unwisely be out of town that weekend, PLEASE SHARE THIS with your friends and on your FACEBOOK wall. That helps too.


HIATVS Off Hiatus on August 10th and 16th

HIATVS will take a hiatus from perpetual hiatus real soon, and not just once but twice!

Funks Pub
Fitchburg WI
Sunday August 10th
8 to 10 PM (some time in there...)

HIATVS House (Warming) Concert
Chez Manwich (message us for deets)
Madison WI
Saturday August 16
7 to 9 PM

Sorry for the short notice, but such is the nature of a band that is always on hiatus.

Who knows when we will rock again, so try to make one of these.

Hail Moa!


Open Jam/Stage at Funk's Pub (Fitchburg, WI)

Dear Friends of HIATVS.

HIATVS is still on hiatus, but that doesn't stop us from updating you on our goings on now and then.

First off, we will be suspending the hiatus briefly on Saturday June 7, 2014, so that we can reunite to perform at a Slip-n-Slide Garden Party in Mt. Horeb WI that afternoon.

HIATVS performed at this last summer and we had a phenomenal time. There was headgear. There was a slip-n-slide. There was rampant self-expression. All of these things are on track to be there this year. You have not lived until you have donned a man thong and dived onto a slip-n-slide while being sprayed with a hose and trying to catch a hurtling football all at the same time.

It's an invite only kind of party, so drop us a line for additional deets if you are keen on coming to see us at the funnest party happening anywhere that day.

Second, for the slightly less adventurous, HIATVS's very own Manwich has been attending a weekly Sunday open jam/stage at Funk's Pub in Fitchburg with his other band, GUPPY EFFECT.

It's from 8 to 10 PM every Sunday night and it is a great time. Free admission and lots of good local bands, plus great food and beer.

If you feel like your weekend is too short (when isn't it?) and it needs that little extra push over the cliff, stop on down to Funk's for an hour or two and finish the weekend off in style before returning to the Monday grind. You know...because THE MAN don't rock!

If you are lazy or don't live within a reasonable distance of Funk's Pub, you can always watch the live stream online at ustream.tv.on Sunday nights from 8 to 10 PM. And if you can't watch it in real time, the past jams are archived HERE. Watch them at any time. We hope you can participate. So easy.

Below is a clip from a recent jam that features GUPPY EFFECT. The rocking at 21:21 is superb.

Video streaming by Ustream