Road Tripping


I am road tripping to Milwaukee with my drummer buddy Jon and we are going to rock a wedding with the country band, DRIVEWAY THRIFTDWELLERS. Tomorrow we are road tripping up to Minocqua to play a putatively awesome Halloween party at the Minocqua Brewing Company and I am really geeked to be road tripping and rocking. Jon is a great drummer and this band is awesome too. I actually feel like I have to up my bass and vocal practice to maintain the proper performance quality this band deserves. But then we have band practice and I realize everyone is struggling with the material too and feels similarly like they have to up their game. Collectively, I think that is a good thing. We are all giving it our all and that is the stuff that awesome, successful bands are made of.


July House Party Options?

Hi Friends.

HIATVS would like to play YOUR house party in July.

We rock and we play pro bono. That means FREE in Greek. Actually, it means "for the good" in Greek. But your party is a good cause and we want to play it. So hook us up.

We are low volume but high energy, so the neighbors won't complain. We use electric drums for volume control. But we still rage and flaunt awesome headgear.

So drop us a line if you need some high quality live music at your party.



June 8th, I Think...

Hello Khakazzis!

The world's funnest cover band HIATVS (that's us!) is playing a house party in Mt. Horeb on Saturday June 8th.

It'd be cool if you were there. Hit us up for the deets. It's going to be outside, free, and fun.



The Rocking


Hi Hiatus Fans.

We just wanted to check in and let you know we are still rocking strong. Several bands both past and present have been inspired to write songs worthy of HIATVS's performance. Although the details are too complicated to explain here, due to the fact that our rock-n-roll warps the time space continuum, all bands who have come before us were actually writing songs for us, the greatest and best band in the world, to perform.

Don't try to analyze it. Just embrace it.

We love you.


Hockey Rock


Hi Friends!

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the hockey rock-n-roll double header with HIATVS and GUPPY EFFECT v1.0 on Saturday. We thought it was a really fun time and apparently so did you!

HIATVS is once again on hiatus (hence the name) until we decide when and where to put on our next show. Unless I miss my guess, it will probably be a house concert some time in May or early June. That will give us time to learn a bunch of new tunes to blow your mind out with.

So stay tuned.

Manwich and HIATVS


Rocking the Hockey Moms

Tonight (2/9/13), HIATVS and GUPPY EFFECT (v1.0), two awesome Madison WI area rock-n-roll bands will be unleashing the fury at the Capitol Ice Arena in Middleton WI.

It is a youth hockey fundraiser party, open to the public. There will be thousands of dollars worth of prize giveaways in addition to the priceless rock-n-roll.

Starts at 8 PM and goes to about 11 PM (last year it went past midnight because the hockey moms were having way too much fun). So not a super late night either.

$10 gets you in the door. Then it is free food, beer, rock, and hockey games all evening long. You know that HIATVS is all about the free beer at shows. That is why we normally do house concerts, but when a venue is willing to spring for free beer, we will rock it. This is why you will almost never see us at a crappy dive bar, and we are OK with that. GUPPY EFFECT is frosting on the cake.

You can buy raffle tickets at the fundraiser to try to win cash prizes of up to $3000. Yeah, that's 3 zeroes after that 3. We would love to see you there and rock you, regardless.


See ya.