The House Concert is Nigh - 5/30/15

Hello Friends, Fans, and Jeebi.

In just about 30 hours from now, HIATVS will unleash their innard quaking, face melting fun rock-n-roll on the attendees of the house concert at Chez Manwich.

We sure hope you can come.

Check out the new short funny video HIATVS just uploaded to the Kickstarter campaign.


We have about 9 hours left to reach our funding goal and we are so darn close!

Can you help? Please GO HERE and check it out.

Even if you can't come, an "appreciation donation" of as little as $1 gets you a verbal callout at the house concert, and since the event will be live streamed, the entire Intarwebz will hear it.

We love you.



The Chips Are Down - Half a Day Left to RSVP!

Hey everyone!

There is only one day left to RSVP for the house concert via the Kickstarter with a suggested donation ($5).

Please do so if you are planning to attend.

GO HERE - www.kickstarter.com/projects/476400861/a-hiatvs-house-concert

The house concert is happening no matter what, but if we do not hit the funding goal for food and drink (the band is pro bono!), we will have to switch to a BYO food/drink model.

And that's fine - we have done it before - but we really prefer if you can contribute via the Kickstarter so we can hit our goal and get a good idea of head count and funding level.

Thanks and HIATVS loves you!



HIATVS is Throwing YOU a House Party!

HIATVS is taking a hiatus from hiatus (and time traveling) to throw YOU a party on Saturday May 30.

Details below.

You're welcome!


Rare HIATVS Appearance at Funk's Pub on Sunday May 3


HIATVS takes a brief hiatus from hiatus this Sunday May 3, 2015, to play a short set at the Funk’s Pub (Fitchburg WI) open stage.

AquaMunkee is coming to town this weekend so we can rehearse for the HOUSE PARTY we are rocking on June 13 at chez Manwich (the one “real” show we come off hiatus for every year…). 

After we pound out some songs at practice this Sunday afternoon, we’ll cruise on over to Funk’s and play sometime between 8 to 10 PM.

Our drummer this time around will be none other than Andrew “Fee” Gunderson, who often graces the Funk’s Pub stage.

So, don’t miss your chance to party with us on a school night, especially if you have not seen AquaMunkee in a while. He misses you…deeply…if you know what I mean.


p.s. If all goes well, we’ll do another Funk’s jam on Sunday May 31, so if you miss this one you are still a KHAK, but you have another chance to redeem yourself.


Mark June 13 on Your Calendar


HIATVS will be taking a rare hiatus from hiatus on Saturday June 13, 2015, as we will be returning to rock the bejeebus out of THE GARDEN PARTY in Mt. Horeb (2 - 8 PM).

Food, drink, 100 foot water slide, costumery, and the irreverent rock-n-roll of HIATVS.

Any questions? Comment below.